Datalogger AEP-DG30

This data logger is designed in a comprehensive and universal manner to fix the measurement needs of different industries.Measured values can be sent via GPRS service or SMS to the central server.This datalogger can measure various parameters such as voltage, current, resistance of the Pt100 temperature sensor, and types of thermocouples.
The ability to define virtual channels and formulas for them is one of the great features of this data logger.Because it provides the ability to measure specialized parameters in the various industries that need to be computed.
دیتالاگر 4 کانال مدل DG30
Datalogger Features
accuracy:Analog to 16-bit digital converter
Measuring range:Continuous measurement
Show information:Display on LCD, instant display via proprietary software and USB port or serial
Display the amount and unit of the measured signal and the corresponding parameter instantaneously on the software
memory card:Internal microSD memory card up to 4 GB, data storage per day
Data retrieval capability from serial port, USB port and server software
Inputs:4 Universal analog inputs Adjustable for voltage, pulse current,Temperature sensor PT100 and thermocouples J, K, R, S, T, N, E, B
Six virtual inputs that can define the formula and communicate with real channels (to measure parameters that can not be directly measured, such as dew point power, etc.)
Hardware interface:1 USB port for configuring and transferring stored information
Softwares:configuration software for settings, reading the memory card, and instantaneous
view of the parameters
Working Voltage:From 6 to 30 volts (DC)
dimensions:125 * 105 * 60 mm
Data Transfer:RS232 or RS485 and USB

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