Datalogger AEP_DG70

This data logger is Suitable for sensors with pulse and frequency outputs. All channels are configurable by the software and can define the calibration table for each channel. The ability to connect a digital temperature sensor and two relays to control external devices is another feature of this device. It also supports sending data via GPRS and SMS to the central server and USB port and serial port to PC. Using this device along with the rain sensor provides the possibility of creating an online and economic rain gauge station.
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Datalogger Features
Show Information: Display on LCD, instant display via proprietary software and USB port or serial Display the amount and unit of the measured signal and the corresponding
parameter instantaneously on the software
memory card: Internal microSD memory card up to 4 GB, Data retrieval capability from serial port, USB port and server software
Inputs: 3 Digital inputs adjustable for pulses and frequencies 6 virtual inputs with the ability to define the formula and communicate with real channels (to measure parameters that can not be measured directly and calibration tables apply) Two relays for controlling external devices (such as heater, lighting, etc.)
Hardware interface: 1 USB port for configuring and transferring stored information
Softwares:Android software for viewing information on a tablet or mobile phone web application And configuration software for settings, reading the memory card and instantaneous view of the parameters
Working Voltage:From 6 to 35 volts (DC)
dimensions of the device:60 * 105 * 152 mm
Data Transfer: SMS and GPRS service
RS232 and USB port

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