Datalogger model AEP-DG40_Wifi

The DG40’s Universal Data Logger, with its adjustable inputs, memory and multiple communication ports, is the perfect solution for industrial and instrumental applications.This data logger can measure various parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, pulse,frequency,Pt100 temperature sensor as well as types of thermocouples.Measured values can be sent via GPRS service or SMS to the central server.The ability to define virtual channels and formulas for them is one of the great features of the device because it provides the ability to measure the parameters of the specialist in the various industries that need to be computed.These data loggers are widely used in the Meteorology industrial,industrial processes,Electricity, instrumentation, oil, medical and petrochemical industries, and covers a comprehensive system of all measuring needs in various industries.The DG40_WIFI series has built-in wifi, and the user can view device information in the dedicated Android software and Windows software from the network platform.
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دیتالاگر چند کاناله مدل AEP-DG40-Wifi دیتالاگر چند کاناله مدل AEP-DG40-Wifi
Datalogger Features
accuracy:Analog to 16-bit digital converter
Measuring range:Continuous measurement
Show information:Display on LCD, Display instantly through proprietary software displays the amount and unit of measurement signal and the corresponding parameter instantaneously on the software
memory card:Internal microSD memory card up to 4 GB
Data retrieval capability from serial port or USB port and Windows and Android software over USB and WIFI ports using Windows and Android software.
Inputs:8 universal analog inputs for voltage, current, types of thermocouples and pt100 sensors, 2 digital inputs for pulses and frequencies
6 virtual inputs with the ability to define formulas and communicate with real channels (to measure parameters Which are not directly measurable, such as power, dew point, etc.)
Hardware interface:USB port for configuring and transmitting stored information TCP / IP communication over Wifi network for viewing and transferring information
Softwares: Android application for viewing information on tablet or phone and configuration software for settings, reading the memory card, and instantaneous view of the parameters
Working Voltage:From 6 to 30 volts (DC)
dimensions of the device:170×105×60 mm
Data Transfer:RS232 or RS485 port
USB and WiFi port

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