RS485 to USB serial port converter

This converter is a great choice for industrial use and can reverse the serial data between a device with a RS485 port and a computer without this port (via a USB port).This device is a type of isolated transducer which in addition to optical isolation on data lines has DC isolation too. meaning that the serial feed is isolated with digital way from the usb port’s power supply and the serial part which associated with the industrial equipment has no direct electrical connection to the USB port. This kind of isolation protects laptops and computers in industrial applications from factors such as the induction of high voltage and unwanted signals (surge, spike) that cause burns and serious damage to them.
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Application:Communication with devices with RS485 port
Port:1 RS485 port type DB9 male
- 1 RA Screw Output Terminal
Protection:- ESD protection (up to 15 kV) on all lines
- Optical protection (up to 2 kV) on data lines
- Magnetic Isolation Nutrition
Usb protocol:USB 2.0
Working Voltage:5 DC volts via USB port
Data transfer speed:from 30bps up to 115.2kbps
RS485 pins:DATA+(B), DATA-(A), GND

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