RS485 to WiFi/Ethernet port converter

A RS485 port converter to Wi- Fi and Ethernet, which is perfectly suited for office and industrial use With this converter, serial devices with RS485 output (such as industrial equipment with Modbus protocol, etc.) can be connected to the local network or the Internet and without the need for physical presence and cable connection through the network which the computer or laptop is connected to it and The virtual serial port software communicate with them.It can also act as an access point, that is, even if you do not have a network, you can connect your laptop or computer directly to this converter, or create a network between multiple computers using this converter.This device does not need a driver and can be configured with all Internet browsers.It also has an Ethernet outlet that you can use if you want to use WiFi instead of the port.
مبدل پورت RS485 به Wifi/Ethernet
Application: RS485 to Wifi /Lan serial port Convert
Industrial devices such as Modbus equipment and ...
Port:-1RS485 port as DB9 male
LAN RJ45 port
3-pin screw terminal for lines A, B, GND
Protection:-ESD protection(up to 15 Kb) on all lines
optical protection(up to 2 Kv) on data lines
USB protocol:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Working Voltage:5 to 24 v(DC)
Frequency range:2.4G — 2.4835G

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