Temperature Datalogger and Controller Model TC10

Temperature Datalogger and Controller Model TC10 with a probe and internal WIFI is used for measuring, sampling, displaying and controlling temperature . This device has a dedicated software and USB port, which allows you to easily view information online on the computer and make the settings simple.The probe of this device is in contact and it is possible to measure the temperature of liquids, different levels and ….
For the temperature, the user selects the heating or cooling mode, the reference value and the operating interval. Using the specified values, the controller activates / deactivates the heating / cooling system.temperature values and system status (relay active / inactive), in addition to storage within a user-defined time frame, are automatically stored in the internal memory, along with the clock and date
Among the applications of this device are buildings, ventilation systems, laboratories, greenhouses, breeding livestock and poultry, various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, food depots and perishable, cold stores and…
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کنترلر و دیتالاگر دما مدل tc10 کنترلر و دیتالاگر دما مدل tc10 کنترلر و دیتالاگر دما مدل tc10 کنترلر و دیتالاگر دما مدل tc10
Technical Specifications:
The probe length of the AEP_TC10 sensor is one meter and the measuring range is 125-55 °, and the maximum measurement accuracy for this range is ± 2 °.
General specifications of the device:
Internal Memory:AEP_TC10.1: 280,000 temperature record
AEP_TC10.2: 140,000 temperature record
Show information:LCD، Windows software
Parameter control:1 relay for control temperature 250Vac@10A
Probe length :1 meter
performance mode :Temperature: Heating-cooling

Storage interval:From 1 second to 24 hours+ Storage when changing the status of the controller
Voltage:9-16 Volt
Body dimensions: 72*87*60 mm (controller)
Wireless Specifications
Wireless network standard:IEEE802.11n,IEEE802.11g,IEEE802.11b
Frequency range:2.4-2.4835G
wireless work mode:Client,access point
Wireless securityWPA/WPA2_AES

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